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Hello and welcome to the world of Estate Management, and the Hawthorne Domestic Agency in particular. We are at your service and it is our pleasure, and mission, to serve you.

Our aim is, and has always been, to raise the level of professionalism within the industry and to bring you, our valued client, the very best of qualified domestic staff.

Christine Hawthorne, the owner of Hawthorne Domestic Services, has been in the placement field for over fifteen years. She has been an informational resource within the industry for both would-be applicants and clients alike. Whether you register with the Hawthorne Domestic Agency or not, you are still encouraged to call and speak with Christine if you have any questions about the industry, specific or not.

Domestic Couples

Every Domestic Staffing Agency is only as good as its applicants (be they Butlers, Housekeepers or Domestic Staff Couples) and - to this end - we seek out staff on a nationwide basis and often liaise with other Household Staff Headhunters to open the field for our clients and broaden our list of applicants.

We make placements nationally and globally. Consequently, we bring to the table a larger coterie of trained and experienced domestic staff who know how to 'butle' and be superb Household Managers. These industry professionals are hard working, hard to come by and, in turn, value a good employer. Our mission has always been to bring together high caliber professionals with quality employers.

Please give the Hawthorne Domestic Agency a call - and let us find the special individual that is the right domestic staff professional for you!

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