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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions - For Clients and Candidates

(Candidate) How should I send my paperwork to you?

Ideally, all documentation should be emailed to me. If you do not have a scanner for photos and are unable to send a colour picture with paperwork then photos need to be sent in the mail. My Application is on my web site so be sure and complete and send directly from the site. I need your resume/cv along with a copy of driver’s licence, photo and any references. If you have a work visa or other documentation for legal employment in the United States, please send a copy also.

(Client) What is the policy if I am not happy with an employee placed in my home by Hawthorne Domestics?

Be sure and call the agency within your allotted guarantee period for either a prorated refund or a replacement person if you need to make a change. Also make sure that you always have a criminal background check run on any applicant before hiring them to work in your residence.

(Client) How do I Handle SS and Federal Tax Issues?

Each and every domestic employed by you MUST have all government contributions i.e. Social /Security and F.I.C.A. deducted from their paycheck and you are responsible for these deductions. If you have questions regarding these issues, please either check with your accountant or your local IRS office for clarification.

(Client) Other Benefits?

Health Insurance should become part of the employees' package. It is usual to have a 60 or 90 day wait period before going into effect and you have that time period to also assess your employees skill set to the position. Workmen’s Compensation is another must as it covers lost wages, medical payments, rehabilitation costs and death benefits without a law suit.

For any further questions, please call Hawthorne Domestic Services at 508-540-0074.

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