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Prospective Applicant

Are you seeking domestic employment? Do you wish to become the "Jewel in the Crown" in your employer's household? If it is truly your desire to be a conscientious, adaptable and flexible professional in this industry then there are several steps you can take to help lead you in this direction.

Firstly, you can complete the Applicant's Profile and click the 'Submit' button. Follow this up by faxing and/or mailing me a hard copy of your resume.

Also it never hurts to get as much "schooling" in your field as possible: cooking classes, tapes, books and courses on etiquette, bed making, flower arranging and the care of fine linens to name just a few. Domestic employment can involve all these areas.

Read and study books on Estate Management.

For Professional Training there are Household Management schools in the USA, England, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Taking these steps will supply you with the tools necessary to find placement as a domestic service professional. But remember—be proactive.

You also need a broad education including an introduction to 'Basic Cleaning Techniques' and some more specialized ones: 'Quality Food Shopping', 'Meal Preparation and Presentation'. Further subjects with which you would need to be conversant might include 'Household Management', 'Personal Assistance' and the 'Art of Fine Food & Drinks Service'.

In short, when seeking domestic employment, you must arm yourself with the necessary skills to find a quality position in a competitive market place.

A clean, crisp resume typed in a good-sized font on plain paper (not multi-coloured or speckled!) is a MUST. Attachments should include your written references and a copy of your driving history. If possible a credit background check and criminal record check covering at least the last seven years.

Current photographs are helpful: a 'full length' and a 'head & shoulders' shot. Be sure to write your name and telephone number on the back and include the date when they were taken. Also include a 'back-up' phone number (friends or family) in case you move address. It is informative to know if you are a smoker or non-smoker and if you would work in a smoking atmosphere. We would appreciate knowing, too, if you are to be accompanied by a spouse, children and/or pets.

Happy job hunting! Always remember that an Agency doesn't get you a job in domestic employment - YOU DO! So do your homework and use the agency as a tool for referrals.

Yours in Service,
Christine Hawthorne - domestic staffing agency


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